Under New Management: Regeneration & Sanctification

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Following up on Pastor Matt’s Sunday message from Romans 3 on “justification,” Pastor Corbin will address the related ideas of regeneration and sanctification from Romans 6. Often in church we say things like “Once Saved, Always Saved” or “I got saved” or “come forward this morning and be saved”. While these are helpful phrases in some ways, for some folks they can be confusing. They wonder if being a Christian just means there was one moment that you prayed to Jesus. Then you don’t have to die for your sins and nothing else changes until you go to heaven. Others use the term “lordship salvation” to emphasize that when you give your life to Jesus, your whole life and actions will change with it, or it wasn’t real salvation. Others think you can “lose your salvation” if you do not live for Jesus after making a profession of faith. Still others think you must do things in order to “earn your way to heaven.” Many of these positions (not all) agree that when you place your faith in Jesus, you are forgiven of your sins and justified. But what else happens in that moment? What else happens after that between that moment and going to heaven?

So, on Wednesday April 28, we will discuss what happens when you receive God’s grace alongside justification to clarify this a little bit! The key question for the night, then, is “Is making it to heaven something that is guaranteed by a moment of decision or a process that involves your own actions?”

By: Rev. Corbin Smith