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On Wednesday Night, Aug 5th, at 6:30pm, we will consider the Complexity of Forgiveness. We will continue our “Forgiveness” study from last week because we have received so many questions. From our last week’s study of Mat 18 & Luk 17, it is clear that Christians have been forgiven by God for a huge debt we cannot pay. It is also clear that the Lord expects Christians to forgive others. But the complexity of forgiveness also becomes clear when you ask “HOW do I forgive?”

How do we forgive people who have abused us, taken advantage of us, cheated us, lied to us, harmed us, and/or slandered our reputation? What do we mean when we say “I forgive you” to someone who has hurt us?  Does saying “I forgive” make everything OK?  Is it possible to really “forgive and forget?” Does forgiveness require us to pretend that a harmful incident never happened? Does forgiveness mean that I must fully trust this person who harmed me? Does forgiveness mean I must stand still and allow this person to harm me again? If someone asks me for a character reference on this person, does forgiveness allow me to tell the truth? If the harm done to me was a “crime” and law enforcement officers ask me to testify against this person – does forgiveness mean I should not? What if the person who harmed me does not confess, apologize, or repent? How do you forgive if the person who harmed you is nolonger alive? What about restitution or reparations?

To prepare for our study, please think through the following question:

Does forgiveness mean I must remain in an abusive relationship?

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