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On Wednesday Night, May 5th, at 6:30pm, we will have a study about “The Ark of the Covenant.” The Ark of the Covenant was a special box which was first mentioned in the Bible in Exodus 25. The Ark was designed to hold the Ten Commandments and other sacred objects. Back in February, I read an article in the New York Post titled “Christians in Ethiopia never saw ‘Ark of the Covenant’ they died for.”  The article went on to explain that over 800 people died in the Church of St. Mary of Zion in Axum, Ethiopia defending the “Ark of the Covenant” from an attack by a local militia.  

According to members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Ethiopia in the 10th Century BC by King Menelik, the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon of Israel. Since then, the only person who has been allowed to see the ark has been a person selected to be the “Guardian of the Ark… only he can see it; all others are forbidden to lay eyes on it or even go close to it.”

Back in November, thousands of Ethiopian Christians gathered at Zion Church to celebrate the day that Ethiopians believe the Ark of the Covenant was brought there – which may explain why so many people were there when the shooting began. “When people heard the shooting they ran to the church to give support to the priests and others who were there protecting the ark.”

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