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Northlake Baptist Church Coronavirus Update – April 22

On Monday,  April 20th, Gov. Kemp issued another Executive Order at a Press Conference which has resulted in some misunderstandings in the media and in the public. While the Governor did allow some businesses to begin reopening with certain restrictions, he did not make any changes in the guidelines for churches. The Executive Order still calls for churches not to allow more than ten people to gather and they should be at least six feet apart.  We are still under a shelter in place order until April 30th and for the medically fragile and elderly, they should shelter in place through May the 13th (the date that Georgia’s public health emergency expires).

On Tuesday, April 21st, I was on a webinar with leaders from the Georgia Baptist Mission Board and the Governors office who explained that the Governor still prefers churches to do online services. The Governors Guidelines do allow for drive-in services provided that no one get’s out of their vehicles and no one is allowed inside the church for restrooms unless someone is at the restrooms to make sure people are 6 feet apart and cleans the restrooms between uses.  Does anyone want to volunteer for that?

In his remarks, the Governor did speak of loosening the restrictions for in-person worship services in his speech, but it was not in his Executive Order.  He spoke of allowing in-person worship services with social distancing, but only for churches in counties with very few cases of Coronavirus. I do not think that will apply to our church because on April 20th, the Northeast Georgia Health System reported 785 positive cases of COVID-19 and that our “regional peak [is] not yet reached.”

Therefore , based on all of the above, the Pastor, Staff, and Deacons believe it is prudent to continue on-line worship services until at least May 13th or until further guidance from the Governor. If there are any questions, please call the church office at 770-536-7338.

“God be with you til we meet again”

Pastor Danny