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As advertised, this weeks Wednesday Night topic will be about medical technology and healing. So study the Scriptures, do some research, and be prepared to answer some questions - like:  Is Modern Medicine a gift of God or scientists playing God? Is it right to seek medical treatment or should we just "Trust ... Continue


Trusting God or Playing God

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In our discussion last night, we discovered that while Genetic Engineering offers the promise of many medical miracles – it is also a Brave New World with more ethical questions than we could answer. We looked at Genesis 3, 11, and 16 – and discovered that our generation is not ... Continue


Genetic Engineering

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The Wednesday Night Topic for 9/22 is the medical ethics of Genetic Engineering. In the last 100 years, humanity has witnessed tremendous discoveries in the medical field from antibiotics to wonder drugs, from laproscopy to open heart surgery. Now with the mapping of the Human Genome, Genetic Engineering holds the ... Continue


Welcome to Pastor’s Blog

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Welcome to Danny's Blog. This Blog will mostly be dedicated to our Wild Wednesday Night Bible Studies. If you want to keep up with our Sunday Morning Studies, the sermons are recorded at the "Listen Online" tab.    On Wednesday Night, we have Topical Studies which I summarize under the title "Living ... Continue


Should Christians Tithe on Gross or Net Income?

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At our Wednesday Night Bible Study (9/15/2010), we began with most people in attendance thinking that they tithed on their Gross income, but we finished with most people realizing that we mostly tithe on our Net income. The main reason for this is that most people who get a paycheck ... Continue