Student Groups


Consisting of middle and high school classes, Northlake Baptist Student Ministry’s Sunday School classes are the place where teenagers make their faith in Jesus Christ their own. Using the Answers in Genesis curriculum, which helps the students learn a wide-range of biblical knowledge and how that compares with other ideas in the world. Carey and Coleen Whitlow lead the high school class, while Alex Black and Casey Williams lead the middle school class. In the end, the goal is to create a solid foundation of a knowledge of God and His Word so that they are able to navigate the diverse cultural and religious ideas they face on a daily basis in faithfulness to Jesus. Watch the video below for more information. 



High School (Grades 9-12)- Rm. 212

Teachers: Carey and Coleen Whitlow

Middle School Boys (Grades 6-8)- Rm. 210

Teachers: Alex Black and Horace Fortner

Middle School Girls (Grades 6-8)- Rm. 210

Teachers: Carianne Whitlow and Casey Williams