Children’s Classes

     NBC Children’s Ministry Sunday School seeks to disciple our children in the knowledge of God’s Word.

     The greatest question for every child’s life will be, “What is your foundation?”

     It is this foundation of their lives that will inform how they make every decision in life.

     In Northlake’s Sunday School, our caring, patient, and loving teachers teach children the Word of God in detail. This helps to create a foundation that helps them:

  • view the world like Jesus did,
  • love God like Jesus did,
  • live lives like Jesus did
  • make decisions like Jesus did
  • and change the world like Jesus did.

     They use The Gospel Project Curriculum to show how Jesus is the center of all of scripture. Watch the video below to learn more.


Babies~Young 1’s


Older 3’s~4s

K~ 1st Grade

2nd-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade