Adult Groups

Adult Sunday School groups are the heartbeat of Northlake Baptist Church. God’s Word, in all of it’s infinite capacities, is explored in various styles, depths, and methods. But, it’s all centered on God’s Word, which alone provides inerrant access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is this Gospel alone which saves and transforms us, to be more like Jesus in our hearts, and in our actions. Yet, even further, these classes provide a consistent fellowship of both mature and young believers so that all can be mutually encouraged in knowledge and passion to follow Jesus. Each class studies God’s word as an open, close-knit small group seeking to know more of Jesus and how He changes and impacts our lives.

Timeless Truth- Rm. 112A

– The Timeless Truth class is a group of adult folks, with or without kids, who are studying through the Bible Studies for Life series. A major attribute of this class is its thorough discussion of current events, in addition to the regular breakfasts and fellowships in and out of church. David Jones, along with his wife Amanda, love facilitating the class’s discussion and sharing to grow in understanding how God’s word impacts current events in the world and in personal life. Any age or life stage is welcome. Visit for more info about the curriculum.

Pathfinder’s (Co-Ed)- Rm. 204/206

– Minister of Music Rev. Derek Moore leads this apologetics-focused class through Answers in Genesis bible study curriculum each week. Connecting present issues with God’s Word and its timeless lessons through biblical, class-wide discussion, this class of adults from any life stage or situation works hard to have a ready defense of the gospel (1 Pt. 3:15)

The Bereans (Co-Ed)- Rm. 202

– Bruce Pilgrim is leading our newest class which has mixed ages of co-ed adults emphasizing member-ministry and bible study. They will use the Explore the Bible curriculum as a launching point for a deep study of scripture that is accessible to anyone, while growing in their active faith as well!

R.P.M. (Running with Perseverance for the Master) (Co-Ed)- Rm. 204

– Co-taught by Tim Hurley, Steve Barnes, and James Thigpen, this class studies the Explore the Bible curriculum with a great desire to grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ. All three teachers work very hard as they rotate teaching weeks to a class of single and married adults, providing various backgrounds and lenses through which the class can grasp God’s Word.

Young Senior Adults (Co-Ed)- Rm. 102/104

– Young Senior Adults is a class of exactly that- Young Senior Adult singles and couples! Led by Ret. Col. Paul Wingo and former Minister of Music Terry Whitworth, they use Explore the Bible curriculum each Sunday to dig into God’s Word. As former music directors, both leaders brings a light-hearted attitude to the classroom as the class studies God’s Word and reaches out to the community.

Encouragers (Senior Adult Ladies)- Rm. A100 (beside the Sanctuary)

– The Encouragers class led by Ms. Penny Ellis studies the Explore the Bible each week as they share together from their years of life experience and studying the Bible.

Hearts Aglow (Co-Ed)- Sanctuary

– Hearts Aglow meets in the Sanctuary each week under the teaching of church member and author Peggy Moore (with Bro. James Elrod as Assistant teacher). They study the Bible in-depth together to see how the whole story of God’s people fits together. The Hearts Aglow Sunday School class is a loving and caring group of seniors who don’t act like seniors! They serve each other when needs arise, enjoy regular class socials and trips and their spiritual devotion is active and growing. The class invites you to study and worship with them, regardless of your age each week as they study deep in the word.

The Joint Heirs (Co-Ed)- Rm. 203

– Led by Bill Skilling, long time educator, (along with the help of Dr. Joe Chapman), this class studies God’s Word through biblical exposition week-by-week. Their class is made up of adults from 30s to 60s, and all walks of life- whether married, single, or divorced. They talk every week about how scripture applies to life. No matter who you are, this class is for you.

College and Career (Co-Ed)- Rm. 201

– J.R. Coleman, Minister of College and Career, leads a detailed discussion-based study of the text of the Scriptures in order to determine what it says, what it means, and how it should transform our lives. This class of 18-25 yr olds emphasizes out-reach and evangelism and encourages its members to be sharing the gospel each week.

The Bookmiller Bible Study Class (Co-Ed)- Rm. 207

– Experienced Sunday School teacher Tim LaMartina takes his class verse-by-verse through the scriptures each week, with discussion and insight throughout. Modeled on the style of the late Kenneth Bookmiller, this class stays near to the text in its study each week, and seeks to grow deeper in their knowledge of the Bible.

Clase Biblica Hispana (Co-Ed)- Rm. 214

– Beginning at 9:45 AM, our Spanish-speaking congregation meets for class in Room 212.This bible study class leads directly into the Spanish-speaking worship hour in Rm. 214A/B.

– Empezando a las 9:45 AM, nuestra congregación de habla hispana se reúne para estudio bíblico en el salón 212.  Justo después de ésta clase pasamos directamente a la hora de Adoración en Español en el salón 214.