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Welcome to Danny’s Blog. This Blog will mostly be dedicated to our Wild Wednesday Night Bible Studies. If you want to keep up with our Sunday Morning Studies, the sermons are recorded at the “Listen Online” tab.   

On Wednesday Night, we have Topical Studies which I summarize under the title “Living Holy in an UnHoly World.” The topics come from the congregation who ask questions that they “always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.” I take these questions, select a date to discuss it, do some background studies, present the topic, and then we “open the floor” for comments, questions, and discussion. That’s why we call it WILD! Below, I have listed many of the topics that we have discussed in the last 3 years. As you can see, we’ve about covered everything! If you have a topic that you want to have discussed on Wednesday Night or on the Blog, please contact us. 

PREVIOUS TOPICS — 1 Month to Live?, 2012 & End of the World?, 7th Day Adventists, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Spiritual Disciplines, Age of Accountability?, Angels, AntiChrist, Apologetics, Apostacy & Jihad Jane, Ark of the Covenant, Armstrongism, Why I’m a Baptist, Bible Versions, Birth Control, Black Liberation Theology, Calvinism, Canonization of the Bible, Capital Punishment, Christian & Politics, Christian Calendar, Christmas, Church Discipline, Church Leadership Problems, Withholding Communion, Creation/ Evolution , Cremation, Culture War, Dancing, DaVinci Code, Death, Utterly Destroy, Devil Reads your Mind?, Discipleship, Spiritual Discernment, Divorce, Dreams & Visions, Economics, Ecumenism, Garden of Eden,  Environmentalism, Euthanasia, Faith Healing, Flu Pandemic, Future Rewards & Punishments, Gambling/Lottery, Another Great Depression?, Heaven, Holy War?, Homosexuality, Islam, Did Jesus Die on Good Friday?, What about those who have Never Heard of Jesus Christ?, Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?, Landmarkism, Origins of Man, Medical Marijuana, Miracles, Money, Oprah’s New Religion, Organ Donation, Pets in Heaven?, Pentecostalism, Politics/ Capitalism vs Communism, Politics/ Conservatives vs Liberals, Prayer, “Centering” Prayer, Imprecatory Prayers, Priorities, Modern Prophets?, Morality, Revelation Overview, American Revolution, Rightly Dividing the Word, Santa Claus?, “Secret” Worshippers, The Shack, SBC & CBF, SBC in Decline?, SBC & Environmentalism, Slavery, Snake Handling, Spanking, Stigmata, Suffering, Suicide, Syncretism, Tattoos, Teens, Tithing, Thanksgiving & Revisionist History, Trinity or Oneness, Idle Words, WWJD-Immigration, WWJEat, Witnessing.