Was Jesus an illegal immigrant to Egypt?

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On Wednesday Night, January 2nd, we will discuss “illegal immigration.” During the Christmas Season and the US government “Shut-Down” over whether or not to construct a security barrier on the Southern Border, there have been many preachers, politicians, and political pundits who have made various comments about how Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus were illegal immigrants. Christians who believe that the USA should enforce borders and allow only legal immigration were put on guilt trips as being less loving than the ancient Egyptians who let baby Jesus cross their border.

Since January 6th is observed by some Christians as “Epiphany” when the Wise Men visited Jesus and started the events that led to the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt, it seems like a good time to look at the immigration status of Jesus and also check our views on the immigration issue and make sure we are being both Biblical and Christian. SO, what do you think?

Was Jesus an illegal immigrant to Egypt?

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