Trusting God or Playing God

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In our discussion last night, we discovered that while Genetic Engineering offers the promise of many medical miracles – it is also a Brave New World with more ethical questions than we could answer. We looked at Genesis 3, 11, and 16 – and discovered that our generation is not the first to think that they could do a better job of managing life on earth than God. But we also found that for everything that we “fix” – we set in motion some side effects and “un-intended consequences” that come back to haunt us.

      We were realistic enough to realize that genetic engineers will probably not come to Northlake to ask our opinion about the ethics of their experiments – but we do have personal choices to make about medical treatments for ourselves and our families. And when we are faced with these difficult choices – it is helpful to think about and pray about – “With this procedure, Am I Trusting God –or- Playing God? 

      Of course, this kind of thinking begs other questions beyond genetics. What about other modern medical procedures – like heart surgery and cancer treatments? If I am diagnosed with an illness that requires one of these life saving procedures that was unavailable one hundred years ago – and I choose to have the procedure done – “Am I Trusting God –or- Playing God? 

      But we’ll deal with that one Next Wednesday !