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On Wednesday Night, October 14th, we will study “The Will of God.” I recently received a letter about knowing and doing “The Will of God.” The Will of God is a very broad and difficult topic to understand. Theologians often refer to the Will of God in 3 ways. There is the “Perfect” or “Intentional” Will of God (Rom 12:2) which is the “Good” and/or “Very Good” way that God intended for things to work after Creation. There is the “Permissive” Will of God where God makes allowances for Human Free Will and we often make choices that are NOT part of His “Perfect” Will (Mat 13, Tares & Wheat; Joh 1:13 Will of Man vs Will of God).  Finally, there is the “Ultimate” or “Sovereign” Will of God (Rom 8:28) where God is going to work all these things together for His Glory and for the Good of the Believer.

Once you deal with these BIG topics, there is the more personal question of trying to find out what is God’s Will for your life.  While God’s “Sovereign” Will in human history is mysterious (Eph 1:9), often God’s Will for your life can be equally mysterious.

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