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On Wednesday Night, July 18th , we will study “The Tree of Life.”  The Tree of Life is one of many Biblical mysteries.  The Tree of Life is only mentioned as a literal tree in 2 places – in the beginning and in the end – in Genesis and Revelation.  In the Book of Proverbs, the Tree of Life is referred to four times as a figure of speech meaning words of wisdom, righteousness, and hope. But the Genesis and Revelation references do not give us much information to solve the mystery.  What kind of Tree is the Tree of Life?  Where was the Tree in the Garden of Eden located?  What happened to the Tree during Noah’s Flood? Is the Tree in Genesis the same tree as the one in Revelation?

To further complicate things, many ancient cultures also had references to a Tree of Life ranging from a literal tree that could give one everlasting life to a non-literal family tree of all humanity. Some say the Tree of Life and the Garden of Eden were submerged under the sands of the Middle East during the cosmic upheaveal following the Flood which explains why there is so much oil in the Middle East. Other Christians groups say the Biblical Tree of Life is an allegory in which the Cross of Christ is the Tree of Life and we receive life by partaking of the “fruit of the vine” in communion.

What do you think?

Is the Tree of Life

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