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On Wednesday Night, Oct 23rd, we will discuss our Search for Significance. Back in 1985, Robert McGee wrote the book, “The Search for Significance” to help people in their struggle to find meaning and fulfilment in life. He described the human condition as follows: “From life’s outset, we find ourselves on the prowl, searching to satisfy some inner, unexplained yearning. Our hunger causes us to search for people who will love us. Our desire for acceptance pressures us to perform for the praise of others. We strive for success, driving our minds and bodies harder and farther, hoping that because of our sweat and sacrifice, others will appreciate us more. But the man or woman who lives only for the love and attention of others is never satisfied – at least, not for long. Despite our efforts, we will never find lasting, fulfilling peace if we have to continually prove ourselves to others. Our desire to be loved and accepted is a symptom of a deeper need – the need that often governs our behavior and is the primary source of our emotional pain. Often unrecognized, this is our need for self-worth.”

In that paragraph, McGee sums up the “rat-race” that we call life. We are constantly trying to improve our appearance, skills, and status in life so that we can be successful in the eyes of others which we think will make us satisfied with our own life. But when we are successful – it seems no one remembers – so we must try harder to be more successful tomorrow. If we are a failure – no one seems to care for a loser – so we must figure out some method to cope with the depression and despair that comes with our failures.

Is there any solution to this self-worth / self-esteem problem? The Bible says there is! And that will be our topic for Wednesday Night. As we begin to meditate on this issue, please answer the following question:

Do you know someone with self-esteem issues?

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  • No (7%, 1 Votes)

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