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On Wednesday Night, May 30th, we will discuss “The Millennium” or the one thousand year reign of Jesus Christ over all the earth at the end of the age. Not long ago, I received a magazine that was written to inform Christians that the teaching of “The Millennium” is heresy (or a teaching that is opposed to the official or established teachings of the Christian faith).

The authors of this magazine teach that the Book of Revelation is not to be interpreted literally – instead, The Revelation was written by the Apostle John to reassure the church who was at the time of the writing enduring much persecution. The Revelation was written in apocalyptic language to tell faithful Christians that they would ultimately be victorious and received into the Kingdom of Heaven. These writers teach that we are currently living in a symbolic “thousand year reign of Christ” because Jesus rules and reigns in the heart of every believer.

These magazine authors write that this symbolic interpretation of The Revelation has been the dominant view of the church since the earliest days.  On the other hand, the literal Premillennial teaching that has become popular through the Scofield Bible and the “Left Behind” book series has only been taught since the 1800s and has been used to make prophecy teachers, preachers, and writers lots of money as they prey on the fears of people who think that every crisis is a “sign” of the “End of Times.”

What do you think?

Will Jesus literally reign over all the earth for 1000 years after His 2nd Coming?

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