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On Wednesday Night,  we will discuss “The End of Christianity in the USA.”  Back in June 2019, Gerald Seib, one of the Editors for The Wall Street Journal wrote an article called “Cradles, Pews, and the Societal Shifts Coming to Politics – Consequences are big as church attendance declines and the birthrate drops.” Seib quotes a recent Wall Street Journal/ NBC News Poll – that says only 29% of Americans say they attend church at least once a week compared to 41% in 2000. 26% say they never attend church compared to 14% back in 2000. 36% of younger Americans aged 18-34 say they never attend church.

Seib goes on to quote The National Center for Health Statistics which reported that the number of babies born in the US last year fell to a 32 year low and the fertility rate fell to the lowest level since the start of federal record-keeping. If this trend continues, immigration will increase in order to have labor for goods and services. He subtly reminds the reader that immigrants tend to lean toward the Democratic party.

Seib puts these 2 facts together to warn of a societal shift. Back in the 1950s & 1960s both Democrats and Republicans attended church at roughly the same rate. But in the 1980s, the Democrat party began a more liberal and leftward shift. Pres. Ronald Reagan became the champion of “church-going” people and conservative evangelical Christians have tended to vote Republican ever since.

The Journal article seems to be saying that Christianity is coming to an end; therefore, the Republicans are going to have to change and become more like the Democrats if they intend to survive as a political party.

What do you think?

Is Christianity in America coming to an End?

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