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On Wednesday Night, March 7th, we will consider the question – How do you win the Culture Wars?  Most Christians are aware of the Great Commission given to us by Jesus – “Go and make disciples of all the nations.”  We recently studied the commandment of Jesus to “Shine our Light and Light our World” with the Good News of Jesus Christ. But the problem that every generation of Christians must deal with is: How do you do it?  How do you engage a culture that is either hostile, agnostic, or apathetic to Christ, the Church, and/or Christians?

In a recent article in World Magazine there is the story of a conservative Christian church meeting in an old elementary school in Louisville, KY. In an effort to try to reach this particular part of town, they renovated the building to accommodate an art gallery and music venues. At the beginning, their efforts were very successful. Concerts sold out. Local artists began displaying their work. Everything was going well until a LGBT activist group began writing negative articles about the church. One newspaper wrote “they’re young, involved, and socially aware – and think being gay is a sin. How does [this] church square it’s progressive image with some of it’s more regressive ideas?”  The bad press had it’s effect. Soon the crowds dwindled. After 2 years the church was virtually empty.

This church in Louisville was basically following a trend that is being encouraged by many church leaders around the nation. It’s the idea of “affinity groups.”  You reach out and try to plant churches and Bible studies based on affinity or common interests. Build a church based on art, music, education, sports, motorcycle bikers, cowboys, hunters, fishers, gardeners, singles, single parents, etc. Obviously, the art and music affinity group in Louisville was not successful. But there are other stories from other churches who say that affinity groups are working for them.   What do you think?

Are affinity groups a good way for the Church to obey the Great Commission?

  • No (65%, 11 Votes)
  • Yes (24%, 4 Votes)
  • Undecided (12%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 17

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