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On Wednesday Night, May 2nd, we will talk about Christian involvement in the American political process. It is a timely topic because this Thursday is the National Day of Prayer and we are already in the season for Primaries for the Mid-Term Elections.

I was recently listening to a Talk Radio program where the show host was talking about how Michael Cohen who is the attorney for the president was recently forced to reveal some of the dealings between himself and his clients. Michael Cohen was been referred to as a “Fixer” who paid $130,000 to make a female accuser of the president go away and $1.6 Million to make a female accuser of Republican Party official Elliott Broidy go away.

The radio talk show host proceeded to say that he did not care one way or another about the president and his men having affairs. He said it really bothered him that all “these people” (meaning Christians) talk about moral issues and family values and then support immoral people like the president and his staff. He said all these “moral” people need to “get down off their pedestal because it is obvious that family values truly means nothing to you.”

What does this mean? Does it mean that Christians have no place in the American Political system? Since both parties have moral problems, does this mean that Christians should not be allowed to vote – for if we vote for the candidate of either party, we can easily be accused of being a hypocrite. Since both parties offer up morally flawed candidates, does that mean that only immoral people should be allowed to vote?

Should Christians Vote in Political Elections?

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