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On Wednesday Night, Feb 14th, we will continue our Winter Bible Study – “First Peter: Living as Strangers in a Secular World.” In 1st Peter, the Apostle Peter is writing a letter to encourage Christians who are suffering the pain of persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ. In order to help them cope with their suffering, Peter reminds them that they are SECURE in Christ. Regardless of what may happen to us in this life, there is a glorious life in the future awaiting faithful Christians.

Peter encourages them to be SERIOUS about spiritual growth. Christians should study the Bible so that they can grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ which will strengthen them for the adversity that they face.  He also teaches his fellow Christians to submit themselves to the Will of God by submitting themselves to the various authorities that God has placed in their life.

Last time, we saw how Peter explained to the scattered church the Problem of SUFFERING for Jesus Christ. This week, we will look at some SOLUTIONs for the problem of Christian suffering and persecution. But before we get into those Solutions, let’s begin with a personal question:

Have you ever experienced any pain for your Faith?

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  • Yes (45%, 5 Votes)

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