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On Wednesday Night, July 31st, we will discuss the nation of Israel. One of our members sent me an article from christianpost.com with the title “Evangelical support for Israel is declining, especially among millennials.” The Christian Post quotes a Lifeway Research survey that says 77% of evangelicals 65 and older say they support the existence, security, and prosperity of Israel. But only 58% of evangelicals ages 18-34 say the same.

Raptureready.com referred to this article and gave the following explanations as to why younger evangelicals may not seem to care as much about Israel. First, older evangelicals tended to believe in the Dispensationalism that was taught in the Scofield Reference Bible and the “Left Behind” book and movie series which gave Israel a prominent place in endtime events. The younger generation of evangelicals are listening to popular preachers and teachers who are teaching Replacement theology which says that since Israel rejected Jesus Christ as their Messiah – God has rejected Israel and has allowed the Church to “replace” Israel in the prophecy and promises of God for the endtimes.

Another impact on the younger generation is “social justice.” In the News Media and in Mainline Christian Denominations, Israel is often portrayed as the oppressor and occupier while the Palestinians are shown as the oppressed and downtrodden.

What do you think?  Has the Christian Church replaced Israel in prophecy? Has God removed His promises to Israel and given them all to the Church? With all the issues that the millennials are going to have to deal with in their lifetime- should they even concern themselves with Israel?

Should Christians support the existence, security, and prosperity of Israel?

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