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On Wednesday Night, October 4th, we will study what it means to be “Saved.” Some people call it a “conversion”, or a “rebirth”, or an “experience of grace.” For many people, the topic is uncomfortable to talk about because there are some Christians who talk about how they were saved at a particular age and a specific event, time, and place. Others were “raised” in the church and can’t remember a time when they didn’t consider themselves a Christian. For them, salvation was more of a process – something they kind of grew into.

Several years ago, I served as a counselor for a evangelistic crusade that came to our town. The evangelist was a gifted speaker and large crowds attended his meetings at the city civic center. The crusade became the “talk of the town.” You could hear people standing in line at the grocery store talking about “getting saved” at the revival meeting. One of the local pastors wrote an article about the crusade in the editorial page of the local newspaper. The title of his article was “Salvation: Is it an Event or a Process?”  This pastor was critical of the crusade and concluded that salvation was not an event where someone in a matter of minutes in front of a stage could pray a prayer and be saved. He said that salvation is a long process of faith and doubt, trial and error, success and failure until a person becomes a faithful follower of Christ.

What do you think?

Is Salvation an Event or a Process?

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