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On Wednesday Night, Nov 13th, we will be discussing “Casino Poker Tournaments.”  In a recent edition of World Magazine, there was an article written about Jerry Jenkins the co-author of the best selling “Left Behind” series of novels. As an author of 180 books, Jerry is a busy man. In order to relax, he occasionally plays poker. Sometimes he plays in the privacy of his own  home. Sometimes he plays in casino poker tournaments. He apparently has become very proficient at the game. The article claims he recently won over $8000 at a casino in Los Angeles.

Jenkins is careful to say “I [don’t] gamble… I mean, I don’t play slot [machines] … I consider poker a skill game.” He also says that he does not wager his grocery money – “I’m just a recreational player… It’s not something I make money at or lose money  at, really… I realize that people have issue with it… You do the math. I’ve sold 70 million books. So to break even making $8000 playing poker, it’s kind of pocket change for me.”

In addition to writing books, Jerry Jenkins is also the chairman of the board of trustees at Moody Bible Institute.  Recently, Moody has changed it’s policies on formerly forbidden activities.  The new policies “require no more or no less than what the Bible requires”- therefore, Moody now permits employees to gamble, use tobacco, and consume alcohol while off duty.

Jenkins also sees poker as a witnessing opportunity. He tells the story of how he met a couple at a poker game and several weeks later the wife became a Christian. He says “frankly, were it not for poker, we would hardly ever rub shoulders with unsaved people.”

So “Casino Poker” will be our topic of the week. Please check the poll below and feel free to comment.

Is Poker a Holy & Wholesome Hobby?

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