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On Wednesday Night, December 30th, at 6:30pm, we will study “Hanukkah, Christmas, and Spiritual Warfare.”  I was recently sent an article published by a Rabbi named Michael Barclay who ministers in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. He wrote a piece in called “Hanukkah – Then & Now – a Fight for Religious Freedom.” He gives a summary of the origins of Hanukkah. The Seleucid Greeks conquered and occupied the land of Israel in the 2nd Century BC. They were determined to force the people to reject the God of Moses and accept the Greek gods. The Greeks desecrated the temple, they outlawed the observance of Sabbath, and made possession of the Hebrew Scriptures punishable by death.

Rabbi Barclay sees the same kind of spiritual warfare going on in California today. He says “we sadly see such amazing parallels with what is happening right now in so many states…. under the guise of protecting against Covid-19  multiple state governors have put citizens in lockdown. These governors have arbitrarily decided which businesses are essential and which are not, with total disregard for the holistic well being of the people.”  

He calls on Rabbis, Pastors, and Leaders from all faiths to stand up against the hypocritical edicts of California Governor Newsome’s administration. He calls them out for restricting worship – while they disobey their own mandates and go out for meals at expensive restaurants without masks or any form of social distancing.  He calls the Governor out for locking down places of worship while he attends “Black Lives Matter” marches.  He calls on other pastors in California to join him and pastors like Rob McCoy (Godspeak Calvary Chapel), John MacArthur (Grace Community Church), and Mike McClure (Calvary Chapel San Jose) – who have been fined and sued repeatedly – who are still standing against these lockdown orders in places of worship.

Our Question for the evening is:

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