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On Wednesday Night, April 7th, at 6:30pm, we will have a study about the Reality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Last Sunday was Resurrection Day –  a day of Celebration for the Christian… for the Believer… for the Faithful. But Easter has also been a Day of Doubting and Ridicule for the atheist, the skeptic, the scoffer, the cynic, and the critic who seems to enjoy trying to rob Christians of our joy!

Some of the more popular theories that have been offered to deny the Resurrection of Jesus are:

-The SWOON THEORY– which says that Jesus did not really die. He just lost consciousness, then later in the cool of the tomb, He revived and came forth to meet His Disciples.

-The THEFT of the BODY THEORIES – There are at least 2 variations of this theory. 1- The Disciples stole the body of Jesus to attempt to prove that Jesus rose from the dead. 2- The Jews stole the body to keep Jesus from becoming a martyr.

-The WRONG TOMB THEORY – which says that the women and the disciples went to the wrong tomb.

-The HALLUCINATION THEORY– proposes that the disciples wanted to believe Jesus so much that they talked themselves into a mass hallucination… and they all experienced a vision of the risen Christ.

That will be our Wednesday Night Question of the Evening:

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

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