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On Wednesday Night, August 18th, at 6:30pm, we will try to respond to the many emails requesting a study concerning COVID Confusion and Vaccine Mandates. The last 18 months have been surreal. We have been told that masks are ineffective against COVID, then masks are necessary to “flatten the curve” of COVID, and then some officials were encouraging double masking.

We were told in the beginning to only allow 10 people in our church sanctuary, then we were allowed to re-open with “social distancing” 6 feet apart. But if you were gathering for a protest or visiting a casino or attending a presidential birthday party, you were not subject to those restrictions.

We were told that if we would only get the COVID vaccine then life would return to “normal.”  Now, CDC says if you are fully vaccinated you may still become infected with the Delta Variant of COVID and you can spread the virus to others; therefore, people must continue to wear masks and socially distance whether they are vaccinated or not. While that may seem like the vaccines are not working, still many government agencies, schools, entertainment venues, and employers are requiring proof of vaccinations before you can enter their facilities.  

To further add to the confusion, we hear all these mandates, warnings, and restrictions directed at American citizens on the news and then we hear that thousands of illegal immigrants are coming across our borders on a daily basis and being encouraged by our government to travel to cities around the country without being COVID Tested or vaccinated. 

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