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On Wednesday Night, Jan 15th, we will have a discussion about the Biblical Money Code.  Recently, there has been an advertisement on the Radio for a “Biblical Money Code” offered by a former pastor named Sean Hyman. Though he claims only to have the formal education of a Bible College, he has become so successful in investing that he is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business Channel. By using this “Biblical Money Code”, Sean went from making $15,000 each year as a pastor to giving away over $50,000 each year to various charities. He is still active in church in Texas and leads a small group Bible study in his home every week.

Sean testifies that the key to his success is Biblical principles that he learned from King Solomon, the Apostle Paul, and Jesus Christ. He also shared this “code” with his father and increased his retirement savings from $40,000 to $396,000. He also promises that if anyone will follow this money code, they too can “get out of debt, make sound investments, and morally build substantial wealth.” He offers a step by step plan to move people from being a saver, to an investor, to a philanthropist.
What do you think?

Is there a Biblical Money Code?

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