Are SBC Leaders “Flat Wrong” about Immigration?

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On Wednesday Night, Sep 3rd , we will discuss the immigration crisis along the border between the United States and Mexico. During the last 9 months, over 57,000 underage children have been apprehended by US Customs and Border Protection agents. These children have been sent to various federal facilities where they are being held until the US Government decides how to handle the situation.

In a recent edition of the Christian Index, there was an article about Ronnie Floyd (Pres. of the SBC), Russell Moore (Pres. of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC), Jim Richards (Executive Director of the Southern Baptist of Texas), and several Texas pastors who toured two of the facilities where the children were living. Moore said their visit “put a human face on a moral crisis for me. These children are not issues to be resolved but persons bearing dignity and needing care. The issues involved in this crisis are complex, but our first response should be one of compassion and justice, not fear or disgust.”  The article went on to say that several SBC leaders had signed on to the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) urging members of Congress to pass an immigration reform bill.

Bryan Fisher from the American Family Association has a different view of this crisis. He says “many members of the EIT, including representatives of the Southern Baptist Convention, are men I respect and admire, [but] when it comes to the immigration issue they are just flat wrong…. The EIT is a pro-amnesty outfit… using George Soros money to fund its efforts…  Those who have broken our immigration law by trespassing on sovereign American soil – a criminal offense – will jump to the head of the queue, ahead of the four million foreigners waiting patiently in foreign countries for their immigration requests to be processed.” Fisher also mentioned the other immigration issues caused by the influx of thousands of people who illegally cross the border – issues like overwhelming our hospitals and schools, the connection of many illegals to drug cartels and gangs, sex trafficking, importing diseases, loss of American jobs, etc.

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Are SBC Leaders "Flat Wrong" about Immigration?

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