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On Wednesday Night, Oct 21st, at 6:30pm we will discuss the meaning of Matthew 7:1 “Judge Not that you be Not Judged.”  In the October 5th edition of the Christian Post, the writer quotes former First Lady, Senator, and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton who in a recent edition of her podcast said “A lot of young people are leaving the Church, in part because the way they understand what Christianity has become … so judgmental, so alienating that they think to themselves, well, I don’t need that.”    

While I was surprised to hear Hillary Clinton being concerned about church growth, she was speaking of a well documented trend of the Millennial generation turning away from church. Christianitytoday.com reported on this trend in an October 15th article called “The Top Reasons Young People Drop Out of Church.”  The top reasons that a survey of young people gave for them leaving church was “church members seemed judgmental or hypocritical” and “I disagreed with the church’s stance on political/social issues.”

 Mrs. Clinton goes on in her podcast to make the case about how she and Jesus are in agreement about the judgmentalism in the church. But what are Christians supposed to do? The Bible is filled with “judgments”. Some things that humans do are considered evil and wrong. Some things that humans do are considered good and right. But if you see someone doing something that the Bible says is wrong and you say to a person that they are doing wrong — you are accused of being judgmental!  What do you think?

Are Christians too judgmental?

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