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Happy Thanksgiving!

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On Wednesday Night, November 27th, we will not be having our weekly Bible Study so our members can spend time with their families for Thanksgiving.  As we studied last Sunday from Revelation 4, don't forget to "Ask the Blessing", "Return Thanks", and "Give Glory, Honor, and Thanksgiving" to the LORD ... Continue


Is Belief in the Trinity essential to Salvation?

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On Wednesday Night, November 20th, we will discuss the Trinity. The first hymn in our hymnbook that we often sing says "Holy, Holy, Holy - merciful and mighty - God in three Persons - blessed Trinity." And while we sing it, we have trouble understanding it. How can God be ... Continue


Turn the Other Cheek?

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On Wednesday Night, November 6th, we will discuss Self-Defense. We recently received a question about the teachings of Jesus concerning non-violence - non- resistance - or "turning the other cheek" (Mat 5:39). Is this a contradiction to the Old Testament which allowed self defense in Exo 22:2? Was Jesus literally ... Continue


Fall Festival !!

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Wednesday Night, Oct 30th, Northlake Baptist Church will be hosting our annual "Fall Festival" from 6:00-8:00 pm. There will be Food, Fun, and Fellowship -and- lots of CANDY & GAMEs for the children in a safe environment. Please come. Continue


The Search for Significance

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On Wednesday Night, Oct 23rd, we will discuss our Search for Significance. Back in 1985, Robert McGee wrote the book, "The Search for Significance" to help people in their struggle to find meaning and fulfilment in life. He described the human condition as follows: "From life's outset, we find ourselves ... Continue


Clearly and Concisely Sharing the Gospel

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On Wednesday Night, October 16th, we will discuss how to clearly and concisely Share the Gospel. There are dozens of methods and techniques that have been developed over the years for telling people the "Good News" about Jesus Christ. But after years of teaching, trial, and error, most Christians are ... Continue


Vaccination ?

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On Wednesday Night, October 9th, we will discuss Vaccination. Should a Christian receive vaccinations and/or have their children vaccinated? In recent years, this has become a Hot Topic even among Christians. Back in 1955 when Dr. Jonas Salk produced the polio vaccine to prevent that crippling disease, Salk was considered a ... Continue


Women in Ministry

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On Wednesday Night, Oct 2nd, we will have a discussion about Women in Ministry. This topic has been controversial in the church especially since the feminist movement of the 1960s. In the last 60 years, women have risen to positions of leadership and prominence in all areas of society. Currently, ... Continue


Where is Magog?

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On Wednesday Night, September 25th, we will discuss Gog and Magog. One of our members was recently reading in Ezekiel 38 & 39 and asked about this prophecy concerning an invasion of the Land of Israel by a King named Gog from the Land of Magog. We will try to answer ... Continue


Progressive Christianity

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On Wednesday Night, September 18th , we will discuss "Progressive Christianity." After a recent article in "Decision Magazine", I have had several requests to compare and contrast progressive Christianity with our traditional Baptist understanding of Christianity.  If you go to, you will discover that "Progressive Christianity" was founded in 1994 ... Continue