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On Wednesday Night - June 29th - Laura Hamilton will be sharing some highlights from her mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Following her presentation, we will look at some recent developments in our own nation that remind us of the need to stay "On Mission." Continue


Birth Control?

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Our Wednesday Night Topic for June 22nd will be Birth Control. Several months ago a newly wed couple asked me "Should Christians practice Birth Control?"  Apparently, they had made the decision to delay having children until the husband was a little more established in his job and they had paid ... Continue


How Poor is Poor?

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Our Wednesday Night Topic for the 15th of June will be Poverty. Caring for the poor and needy is a large part of fulfilling the 2nd commandment to "Love your neighbor."  Even in the Old Testament, believers were commanded to help the poor - Deuteronomy 15:11 "For the poor will ... Continue


Are YOU a Saint ?

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"Are you a Saint?"  will be our Bible Study Topic for Wednesday Night, June 8th. On May 1, 2011, Pope John Paul II was "beatified" which moves him one step closer to sainthood. According to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church - becoming a saint is a complicated process. ... Continue


What causes Storms?

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The Associated Press reports that  the death toll for the monster tornado ( EF5 packing 200-m.p.h. winds)  in Joplin, Missouri  on Sunday May 22 has risen to at least 139. That makes this the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1953, based on an assessment of figures from the National Weather ... Continue


The Land of Israel

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Our study for Wednesday Night, May 25th,  will center around the Land of Israel.  Once again, the Land of Israel is in the news because President Obama is encouraging Israel to consider returning to it's 1967 borders in order to make peace with it's Palestinian neighbors.  We will be looking at  ... Continue


AWANA Awards Night

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Wednesday Night - May 18th - our Bible Study will be superseded by our AWANA Awards Night.  Let's come together and congratulate these students for being  "A"pproved   "W"orkmen who   "A"re   "N"ot   "A"shamed" (2 Timothy 2:15). Continue


What happens to Christians after they die?

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On Wednesday Night, May 11th, I've been asked to lead a Bible study on "What happens to Christians after they die?".  How do all the Bible teachings about death, eternal life, judgment, heaven, etc.   all fit together? To get us started thinking about this study, please give your best answer to the ... Continue


Are Sports Sinful?

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Wednesday Night - May 4th - our Bible study will be directed at answering the question "Are Sports Sinful?"   We will be comparing the attitudes of Early Christians and Modern Christians towards Sport.   And as always, we will consult the Word of God to determine the proper priority that sports ... Continue


Should Northlake be a “Covenant” Church?

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On April 27th,  our Wednesday night Bible Study will center around Covenant churches. Recently, one of our members was telling me about one of his family members who was helping start a new church.  The new church would not only be Southern Baptist -  it would also be a "Covenant" ... Continue