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Discourse Analysis and The Problem of Judges

Posted by Matt Williams | Comments Off on Discourse Analysis and The Problem of Judges
On Wednesday Night, October 10th, Pastor Corbin will lead the discussion of the timeline of Judges and how the technique of Discourse analysis helps us understand it. 1 Kings 6:1 famously states, "Now it came about in the four hundred and eightieth year after the sons of Israel came out ... Continue


The Story of Jephthah: Descriptive or Prescriptive?

Posted by Danny Jones | 1 Comment »
On Wednesday Night, October 3rd, we will discuss the Old Testament story of Jephthah located in the Book of Judges (chapters 11-12). Jephthah was a judge who led some of the tribes of Israel into battle to defend the Israelites against the Ammonites. As he prepared for battle, he made ... Continue


BCM Night

Posted by Danny Jones | Comments Off on BCM Night
This Wednesday night, September 26th, Rev. Ken Jones will be sharing with us the Georgia Baptist State Missions Emphasis as it relates to Baptist Collegiate Ministry at the University of North Georgia . Please come to this presentation and be informed and inspired to be On Mission for our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue


The Opioid Epidemic

Posted by Danny Jones | Comments Off on The Opioid Epidemic
On Wednesday Night, September 19th,  we will have a discussion about the Opioid Epidemic in our community. In the Fall edition of "Communicare" (the magazine published by the Northeast Georgia Health System) the main subject of this edition was drug abuse. It was reported that more than 1400 Georgians died ... Continue


” The Sign of the Red Heifer? “

Posted by Danny Jones | 1 Comment »
On Wednesday Night, September 12th, we will discuss "The Sign of the Red Heifer." According to the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN), "the Temple Institute [in Israel] has announced the birth of a flawless all-red heifer that could pave the way for the fulfillment of a major End Times biblical prophecy. ... Continue


Is Forgiveness Enough?

Posted by Danny Jones | 1 Comment »
On Wednesday Night, Sep 5th,  we will have a discussion about the current leadership crisis in the Roman Catholic Church. Recently, the news media reported that a grand jury in Pennsylvania is accusing the Catholic church of sexual misconduct. The grand jury reported that around 300 priests have abused and ... Continue


Courtship or Dating?

Posted by Danny Jones | 2 Comments »
On Wednesday Night, August 29th, we will discuss "Courtship and Dating."  Twenty-One years ago, a book by Joshua Harris called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" went on sale and sold over a million copies. Two decades later, the idea of "Biblical Courtship" instead of "Dating" is receiving mixed reviews. Some say ... Continue


“Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome “

Posted by Danny Jones | 1 Comment »
On Wednesday Night, August 22nd, we will discuss "Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome." This condition was recently described in a book by the same title. The author is a 32 year old woman named Reba Riley. She defines PTCS as "A condition of spiritual injury that occurs as a result of religion, ... Continue


“Seismic Shift in the SBC ? “

Posted by Danny Jones | 4 Comments »
On Wednesday Night, August 15th, we will discuss the future of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Gerald Harris, the Editor of the Georgia Baptist newspaper called "The Christian Index", recently attended the SBC in Dallas, TX and filed the following report.  He says "The SBC is undergoing a seismic shift." ... Continue


Mountain Medicine

Posted by Danny Jones | Comments Off on Mountain Medicine
On Wednesday Night, August 8th, we will be discussing North Georgia Mountain Folk Medicine. I was recently asked about the "healing arts" that used to be practiced in the North Georgia Mountains. There were people who supposedly had secret powers to "talk the fire out" of burn victims, conjure warts, ... Continue

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