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Abiding in Christ

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This Wednesday night - March 4th - weather permitting - we will discuss what it means to Abide in Christ.  To read more about the topic - please look back at the February 23rd post. Continue


Wednesday Night Services Cancelled

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Due to the Winter Storm Warning by the National Weather Service - our Wednesday Night Services will be Cancelled.  Please continue to meditate on "Abiding in Christ" and we will hopefully discuss it Next Wednesday Night - March 4th. Continue


What does it mean to ABIDE in Christ?

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On Wednesday Night, Feb 25th, we will discuss "Abiding in Christ."  We live in an organized world. We are connected to other people through a variety of organizations. We have relationships with others beyond our family through membership in different groups. There are fraternities, sororities, civic clubs, honor societies, labor ... Continue


Prayer Meeting

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On Wednesday Night, February 11th, we will discuss Prayer Meetings. I'm a little reluctant to announce this topic - because in recent times to announce a prayer meeting usually means a serious reduction in attendance. A church with 200 attenders on Sunday Morning may have as few as 10 who ... Continue


Can Children be Good without God ?

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On Wednesday Night, February 4th , we will discuss Godly & Godless Parenting. Recently, I received an email from one our young parents in the church. She had seen a conversation on Facebook based on an article in the Los Angeles Times about secular parenting. The article made the claim ... Continue


Is Prayer for the Sick Effective?

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On Wednesday Night, January 28th, we will discuss intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer is prayer for someone besides yourself. Specifically, we will be talking about praying for the healing of someone who is sick. Is prayer for the Sick effective? The Bible says that it is. In James 5:14-16 it says "Is ... Continue


The Revelation according to the History Channel

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On Wednesday Night, January 21st, we will discuss The Revelation according to The History Channel. Recently, The History Channel produced a 2 night, 4 hour TV miniseries called "Revelation: The End of Days". The following description of the movie is made up from excerpts at The History Channel's website: "The most ... Continue


Why do Liberals cover for Islamic Terrorists?

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On Wednesday Night, Jan 14th, with the backdrop of the Terror Attacks in Paris, we will discuss Liberalism and Islam - the strange and illogical marriage between 2 ideologies that don't seem to be compatible at all. -Liberals are liberal about moral laws -Muslims are very strict about moral laws. -Liberals love making ... Continue


Is Northlake a Healthy Church?

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On Wednesday Night, January 7th, we will discuss Church Health. As a member of the Chattahoochee Baptist Association's Church Strengthening Team, I often receive news articles and books about church growth and revitalization. One of those books is called  "What is a Healthy Church?" written by Mark Dever who is ... Continue


Mission Report

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This Wednesday night, Dec 17th, Horace Fortner will be sharing his mission experiences from his recent trip to El Salvador. Continue

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