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“Seismic Shift in the SBC ? “

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On Wednesday Night, August 15th, we will discuss the future of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Gerald Harris, the Editor of the Georgia Baptist newspaper called "The Christian Index", recently attended the SBC in Dallas, TX and filed the following report.  He says "The SBC is undergoing a seismic shift." ... Continue


Mountain Medicine

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On Wednesday Night, August 8th, we will be discussing North Georgia Mountain Folk Medicine. I was recently asked about the "healing arts" that used to be practiced in the North Georgia Mountains. There were people who supposedly had secret powers to "talk the fire out" of burn victims, conjure warts, ... Continue


“Biblical Dress Codes, Customs, & Culture “

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On Wednesday Night, August 1st ,  we will try to answer some questions about "Biblical Dress Codes, Customs, & Culture."  The Bible records hundreds of "commandments, statutes, and judgments."  Many of the commandments are specific rules that help us understand the general commandment to love the Lord with all your ... Continue


Blood Moon July 27, 2018

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On Wednesday Night, July 25th, we will have a discussion about the "Blood Moon" as a sign of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Back in 2014, several prophecy preachers were warning Christians about the 4 "Blood Moons" in 2014-2015. And now we have another one – this Friday - ... Continue


The Tree of Life

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On Wednesday Night, July 18th , we will study "The Tree of Life."  The Tree of Life is one of many Biblical mysteries.  The Tree of Life is only mentioned as a literal tree in 2 places - in the beginning and in the end - in Genesis and Revelation.  In the ... Continue


Does Satan have to get God’s permission to tempt us?

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On Wednesday Night, July 11th  we will try to answer the question: "Does Satan have to get God's permission tempt us?"  The question came to us from a recent Sunday School Lesson from the Old Testament Book of Job chapter 1 – where Satan tells the LORD that Job is ... Continue


Psalm 83 – Prophecy or History ?

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On Wednesday Night, June 20th, we will study the 83rd Psalm. In recent times, many of the popular prophecy preachers, teachers, writers, and TV personalities have concluded that since Psalm 83 has not been literally fulfilled in the past, then the "confederacy" of nations that are listed in the Psalm ... Continue


Did Adam & Eve go to Heaven?

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On Wednesday Night, June 13th, we will try to answer the question: "Did Adam & Eve go to Heaven?" We know from the Bible in Genesis 1 & 2 that Adam & Eve were the original human beings. We also know from Genesis 3 that Adam & Even participated in ... Continue


Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat?

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On Wednesday Night, June 6th, we will study whether or not the Bible teaches that the Earth is Flat. A few weeks ago, I met a man wearing a T-Shirt that said "Bible says Flat Earth" on the front and on the back it said "200+ Flat Earth Bible Verses". ... Continue


The Millennium

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On Wednesday Night, May 30th, we will discuss "The Millennium" or the one thousand year reign of Jesus Christ over all the earth at the end of the age. Not long ago, I received a magazine that was written to inform Christians that the teaching of "The Millennium" is heresy ... Continue